Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is a collective term which refers to all the techniques that can be used to increase the online (listings on SERPs or search engine result pages) visibility of any website and the contents it offers. The term visibility denotes the ranking (how high or low) of any site for specific search keywords in organic (naturally appearing and not under the sponsored categories) results. It may be noted that SEO can be on-page (tweaking done at the back end) and off-page (social media marketing or link building).

  • Conductor predicted in 2014 that 64% of total online traffic is generated from organic search; in sharp contrast to 2% contributed by social, 6% from sponsored or paid search, 12% from direct and the remaining 15% to 16% from various other referral links.
  • A whopping 90% of online organic searches performed globally in 2015 can be successfully traced back to Google.

From the statistics mentioned above, it is evident that one requires a firm foothold on Google’s SERPs. It is incredibly vital to design comprehensive website architecture and to create user-friendly navigation so that the search engines can easily and quickly index that site.

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There are quite a few aspects that the search engines typically ask for, the most significant ones being relevancy and the quality of the content.

Relevancy: When someone performs a query, all the search engines are programmed to churn out the most appropriate links. The geographical location of the searcher, search history of that person, time of day or year, etc. will influence the search results.

Content quality: Latest studies done by Searchmetrics on factors that influence web rankings suggests that Google is migrating to a longer-form for web content, which comprehends the psyche of an incoming visitor and views the larger picture, instead of utilizing meta-words associated with most performed search queries for content creation.


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